The 5 Signs You Experiencing A Spiritual Change

You’ve found this article, so the answer is yes. You won’t be reading this unless you’re one of the many people currently undergoing a spiritual change. This could be because you’re looking for meaning in your life or needing some kind of support that you’re not getting. Maybe you just feel dissatisfied and want to feel happier.

Many people are distressed about our planet and feel as if they’re losing a connection to it. The material world takes a lot of time and energy. Maybe you feel it’s time that you took some of that energy back? There’s nothing wrong with that. The more energy you have, the more you can share. Here are some ways to know if you are experiencing a spiritual change.

Are you looking inside yourself?

You may be thinking more about organized religions or looking for ways to leave one. If you’re browsing on spiritual sites you’re looking for answers. At this point, can we reassure you that this journey is totally personal? Don’t listen to what your family or friends are saying. Find your own truth and follow what speaks to you.

Are you trying to connect?

Many people feel as if they are on a never ending treadmill of work and sleep. If you have been feeling like this but now you want to add something enriching to your life, maybe you’ve tried just being present in the moment. You may find that you’re getting a lot of pleasure from small moments.

This could be looking at a beautiful sky full of stars or the joy you get from laughing with a friend. Enjoying these tiny moments can make you feel more grounded and more part of life.

Have you been trying to let go?

This is a common reaction to being under a huge amount of stress and strain. If you’ve been feeling helpless to change something in your life, you may have found yourself trusting that there is a bigger picture. If you’ve given up trying to control your life and started to trust that things will end well then you’re letting go.

Have you been daydreaming more than usual?

This is your body’s way of taking you out of a stressful situation. The next step on this path is to actively attempt meditation. You don’t need to sit in a yoga position or burn joss sticks. Just sit quietly and be still. Your mind is telling you that it needs some quiet time to make sense of what’s going on in your life.

Keep going…

So far, you’re doing great. You’ve been listening to what your heart and head are telling you. As this goes on, you will trust that small inner voice even more. Go where it takes you. If it feels weird – which it might – just keep it to yourself.

You can take quiet moments anywhere like in the shower, out walking the dog, lying in bed last thing at night. This is your own personal quest and if it’s making you feel better, you might find yourself wanting to share it with others. That’s great – but if you don’t want to, that’s ok too.

Eventually, you will want to start living freely with your spiritual changes. Take one step at a time and you will get there.

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