The 5 Biggest Scandals of the Catholic Church

Religion has often served as a beacon of hope in most of our lives. But as of late, many people have found it increasingly hard to be religious because of the widely publicized sexual abuse cases that have plagued the Catholic Church. Since the 1980’s, we have been shocked with some of the most disgraceful and certainly disheartening scandals in history. But it is more than just sexual abuse that has caused outrage around the christian world.

Here are 5 of the biggest Scandals you probably didn’t want to hear about:

The Msgr. Nunzio Scarano

In 2014, investigators were finally able to get a foot in the door with their case against the mysterious Vatican Bank. This was a difficult feet because for years the bank was able to slip under the radar by using the guise of goodwill and by proclaiming itself as the bank of god. When the scandal erupted, Scarano was the real estate accountant of the Pope. According to Yahoo Finance, the defamed clergyman was arrested for attempting to smuggle a hefty sum to the tune of several millions of dollars.

Brendan Smyth Case

Parishioners had to suffer through an estimated 44 years of sexual abuse by Father Smyth. Officials have however only been able to successfully investigate only 20 cases in the US and Ireland. Critics still fume about how this case was handled since the victims were tricked into believing that the defamed Father had been removed from office, when the church had been secretly moving him from parish to parish so that his deeds would go undetected.

The Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan Scandal

Tempers flared when word got out that the Archbishop signed off on payments of as much as $20,000 to priests accused of being sexual offenders. These payments were in an effort to encourage these priests to leave the church. One would have expected these priests to have been expelled from their positions without delay, but instead it appears that they were being rewarded for their sordid behaviour.

The Seán Fortune Saga

The story of the priest about to be charged with 66 counts of sexual abuse rocked the nation of Ireland and stirred emotions all around the world. The victims were however robbed of the opportunity to see him brought to justice side he committed suicide days before his trial. Some of his victims were so distraught that a few of them have even committed suicide themselves.

The Pope Benedict XVI Outrage of 2006

The Pope put further strain on inter-faith relations and caused global outrage by incorporating a quote by a Christian emperor who believed Muslims beliefs were “evil and inhuman” into his September 15, 2006 speech. Several Muslim world leaders described the careless comment as derogatory and demanded that it be clarified or retracted. The Pakistani government even went as far as passing a resolution to condemn the comment. To this day, the Catholic Church is yet to mend the bridge between Christians and Muslims.

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